Mar 27, 2011

Party like a Rockstar!

Some of the photos you find here, will be surprising. 
I turned 26 this day. I wore very tight clothing.  Derek had eye liner and fake tattoos.
Surprising, because, well, there comes a time in your life when it's okay to hang out with your previous church leaders.  
Yes, it is.

Good buddies, Ryan and Heather. 
Who are also trying to adopt. 
It's great to have some friends to go along with the ride!


The Brit and the half asian.

The one and only Chelsie!

Jake Jacobsen and Holli with an I

Night filled with Just Dance


Russian Dancing?

Yes, that is a Rockstar in the background.

We allow all ages for parties.

Devin and his blind date.

Like I said, previous church leaders.

Yes, they are virgin Jell-o shots.

Yup.  Awesome.

Crazy Half Asian.

Friends from Alaska.

Sista Rockstars.

Here is my favorite picture of the night. 
My husband was not thrilled about the Rockstar concept, but luckily he found his Cedar Friends hanging out in the kitchen. 

and somehow, I happened to not get a picture with Derek's awesome leather jacket, eye liner and fake tattoos.  Sigh. 


  1. Rock on. What else can I say!

  2. That was sooo much fun! Thanks for cropping the picture :)!! I want to play again!!