Mar 14, 2011

Hiking Lion's Mouth on Pinto Road.

Well, we hiked all around Lion's Mouth, only to never find it.
But don't worry, we loved it anyway.

Derek viewing his birthing land. How he loves Southern Utah.
"Birthing" is a term that Caleb (friend) introduced me with.
It's funny.

It's a good thing the Nelson's have kids, because otherwise, this hike would have not been quite as funny.

Stephanie, just before she realized she hadn't eaten breakfast or dinner, from the night before.
Gena, just before she realized her pregnant self didn't want to trump around a mountain with no end in sight.

Dead tree that I liked.

Grandma and Grandpa trudging up the mountain.

Another dead tree i liked.

Oh, look another one.

Caleb, exhausted from trudging up said steep mountain.

Logan : "This is quite a view!" Yes, that's what he said.

Hanging out with uncle D, on a rather large boulder. Where they through smaller boulders from the bigger bolder trying to smash another dead tree. 

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