Mar 11, 2011

Winter Fishing and Fabulous fun.

Hali had some worms, so we decided to go fishing on President's Day morning.  We've never been snow fishing, or ice fishing, so we thought this would be great fun.

Kona pretends that she is not excited to go, while Hali can't hide it. 

Kona seems to think that she can fit through here and Hali, well, I can't even decide what she is trying to accomplish here.

Layers are necessary.

Derek just asked me whose dog this is.  Apparently, Kona's disguise works well.

For some reason, if you run and are wearing snow clothes, Kona thinks that you are her personal marshmallow to squish and eat whilst running through the snow.

Needless to say, we did not catch any fish, it was freezing, and well, nothing super exciting happened.
Although, I pretended that i lost the keys and called my husband.
H: Husband, I lost my keys in the snow, could you come and get us.
D: Okay, did you look for them.
H: Yes, they are gone.
D: Where are you at.
H: BUahahah, I tricked you.  
D: Well, I wasn't surprised, you always call with some crazy story when I'm not there.

What is that suppose to mean?

We are just fine on our own. 

Girl power rocks!
Just because we are a little crazy. .

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  1. this makes me laugh. i don't think lincoln would be so thrilled if i did the same thing....