Sep 23, 2011

Fukushima Family Reunion in Vegas as by Hannah

Went to Vegas this weekend for a family reunion. Yes, a FAMILY reunion. In Las Vegas. Sin City. Yes. Us. A bunch of Mormons. Thing is, my mom and her sisters are the only LDS ones on this side of the family. So, it would make sense that Vegas sounds fun for everyone else. Anyway, highlights include:
  • My cousins renting a top floor, corner suite at Mandalay Bay.
  • My sisters, brother-in-law and I crashing said suite. Which basically amounts to eating their peanuts, drinking their water, and using their showers. They also told us to do those things...soooo, it wasn't really crashing, but we had to do something Vegas-esque, right?
  • "Sober fun!"
  • Witnessing a scary guy kick and punch the crap out of a wimpy guy in the middle of an intersection. It went down like this: Wimpy Guy cuts off Scary Guy with his mini-van on The Strip. They yell at each other out their windows. Wimpy Guy throws a drink at Scary Guy's car. Big mistake. Scary Guy gets out of car and takes off his shirt. He is muscly. Poor Wimpy Guy. Wimpy Guy gets in Scary Suy's face. Bigger mistake. Scary Guy punches Wimpy Guy's face, throws him to the ground and proceeds to punch him in the head and kick him everywhere else. Light turns green. Scary Guy hops in car and speeds away...shirtless. Meanwhile, Wimpy Guy, bleeding, staggers back to van and tries to pretend it's no big deal. We gawk, drive on and talk about it for the next 10 minutes.
  • A stray drunk who followed out of a hotel elevator and invited himself into the suite. He proceeded to talk loudly, play with one of the babies, wandered around and check out the suite, all before anyone could realize he didn't belong (not Japanese).
  • 80 mph speed limit in central Utah.
  • The buffet. Buffets only ever seem like a good idea before you eat them. After, you simply want to die and lapse into a food coma.
  • Riding the New York, New York roller coaster and being totally unimpressed. 
  • M&M Factory. Stupid. It's a 4-floor building dedicated solely to a candy.
  • And finally, this photo:

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