Jul 27, 2012


i do really like that name...but the husband doesn't care for it much.  maybe after this story he will...who knows.

so I hear that sometimes in pregnancy you get clumsy.  i've noticed it here and there, but i am still wearing heels which i realize is asking for trouble.  

regardless of which, i managed to fall, whilst sitting upon my chair.

about a 18 months ago i decided that i wanted to try sitting upon an exercise ball at work.  it was great, i could feel my inner core getting stronger. 

to my dismay...it popped while a fellow employee was on it.  i didn't even get to witness it. 

i know that sounds mean, but really, who wouldn't want to see it?

being the compassionate person i am, i bought a frame from a thrift shop and put a portion on my ball in it for him to have for Christmas. 

he loved it.  in the end, he hung up the frame for all to see at work.

as a direct result i had to purchase a new ball, which apparently is much smaller than the last.  i can't quite reach my desk comfortably to work.  using my creativeness i put my woodblock (footstool for my feet to rest on, which is completely a different story.) under the ball, thus balancing myself and feeling like i work my core even more.  

a few months ago, my boss came in and saw this with a look of shock.  i couldn't understand what the big deal was, until . .. i took a picture
so now that you know the history. 

lets just say, that this is the second time in the last month i have fallen from my balancing act.  once without anyone in the room. the next time (today) was in front of a guy here at work.  the look of concern on his face was priceless.  it shocked me more to see that look instead of a face that was bursting to laugh out loud. 

after he realized i was okay, he let out a little laugh, but i guess to him, watching a 7 month pregnant girl roll on the floor wouldn't be super funny.  

but, i am still laughing in my office all by myself.
like this.

Baahahahahh buahaha. haha.  snicker snicker.  
(me smiling to myself at random)

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