Jul 3, 2012

flag, fourth, fetus, festive fun?


i love the fourth of july.  
as i've gotten older i feel this deep sense of patriotic pride for america.  i wanted to make sure that people knew this about me.
this year, being the year of the babies and baby bump i thought i could embellish a certain area.

so, i found these materials in my home for a quick project.
white shirt i didn't care much about
a sewing machine (i also contemplated just hot gluing, but he's dead at the moment)

and spools of material (from my gram's, she would make rugs out of them, or put my hair "in rags."  for those of you who don't know what that is, it's the oldschool way of curling your hair.  this leads to SERIOUS curling of the hair btw.)

i took my shirt and gave a general outline for my flag.
can i also just say how i hate measuring?  it's so time consuming...


laid out my fabric, pinned them down and made sure it was somewhat straight.

now, remember how i said i hate measuring?  well, sewing is not exactly my forte. somehow i had forgotten that small factoid when i began this little project.  nonetheless i bulldozed through it...going for the "rustic" sewing job.  how i wish, i was an amazing seamstress who had the patience and ocd-ness for it.

but i'll leave that to my fellow crafters...

because i really liked the results!

Pinned here.

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