Jul 6, 2012

Short fourth hike


hope you all had a great fourth!  
i made this headband...then realized i may just be a bit too festive, so the kona decided to be patriotic.

 we live by a rather pond that had been "illegal" for years.  in fact, they put up a chain link fence to block people from getting in, or tried too.  a group of people own the pond i guess, because there are buoys and people water ski on this thing.

i may have taken the husband here while we were dating so many years ago and it may or may not have resulted in my immediate departure to the emergency room for stitches.


well, they've recently opened it to the public.  you can swim, use the rope swings, hike, fish and enjoy it like we've always wanted.  we've been going frequently, mainly because the kona loves to swim and you can do some hiking around the pond.  i've also discovered that in my current condition, i am a bit more clumsy and unbalanced, which resulted in me mainly sitting on a log.  which is probably good, because i'm usually the one that would be in the pictures but up to my neck in muck.

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