Jun 30, 2012

i feel the need to say. . .

i may need this teenage mutant ninja turtle bookbag. 
i'm just saying.  
some of you may not know this, but i really like the store hot topic.  i enjoy the "variety of crazy." this is where i usually purchase lingerie as bridal gifts and now my sisters have kept the tradition alive.  i've even (for some reason) taken my parents to this store. . . .which reminds me of a particularly funny occasion.

I was on the search for some black leather like leggings (again, I'm not sure why I brought my parents in) for my halloween costume, also to double for my rockstar outfit

 acid like screaming music playing in the background, the cashiers in their all black, tattooed (awesome), gauged ears, spikes and crazy outfits (AWESOME)

while i'm happy as can be, i'm a little concerned about my parents following me into this store.  my mom, a short japanese lady, who shops at Christopher banks (aka the teacher store) innocent as they come. 

my dad goes straight up to the cashier and starts commenting on the "music." the cashier, thinking my dad is complaining about the music, turns it down, to which my dad replies something along the lines of "no, don't worry about it, back in the 70s i listened to this stuff..it was great..." the cashier drops his jaw and i'm sure is blown away by this man who wears double starched shirts, khakis, sweater vests and is as clean as they come. (note. i forget that my dad is a huge music buff, has tons of records, and has a bigger music collection than all my siblings combined. he loves almost all music, except for celion dion.)

in the end, it wasn't bad, i got my pants and as a bonus the cashier was able to catch up on music theory.

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