Jun 7, 2012

the husbands favorite thing about Japan. . .

was probably the signage with bad direct translations.

in case you couldn't figure out the squatters
 (which don't worry, we both conquered.)

what does the husband want to do on his trip to japan?

take pictures of bad translations.

i am safety driver...hard to read i know.

apparnetly, Japan has amazing "recycle" shops.  they have everything in these thrift stores.  so of course, the husband wanted to purchase shirts with funny sayings on them.  it's almost like there is no style in Japan...anything goes.

Himilk= lots more milk chocolate.
it was very delicious.

every business in Japan has a mascot.
apparently, this is a cat, a giant creepy one.

i wanted to buy this sake just for the bottle. 
so happy!

if you convert over the yen to the dollar... you find that these melons are around $80 for both. 
we had some of the melon...it wasn't that good.

for the finale.  . .
because makeup arrives, please do not bring a face close.

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