Jun 20, 2012

guess who just won a giveaway at beso.com?

you better believe it!! $250 worth!  Wooty woot.  so, since the kidlets are getting closer everyday, i find myself looking everyday for good baby mama deals.  i go to rockstardiaries blog almost daily.  there, she usually has lots of giveaways, which included a $500 beso.com getaway, which i didn't win. but because i signed up for that one, i also got signed up for the one on beso.com
i received an e-mail I wasn't quite sure about, but looked into my Paypal account and sure enough...there were the bucks!

so i put together a few of my baby mama wants and of course, i had to include shoes.

ps.  isn't that car seat the cutest thing you've ever seen...?  if you wouldn't mind leaving a comment, because you see, i'm trying to sway the husband into it's cuteness.  because...we will need two of them.

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