Aug 15, 2010

Road Trip to . . .

An unexpected turn landed us here.

So, what else to do?  Take an official tour.  
It was a good thing i had my camping outfit, I seemed to fit in better. 
We went to the little grocery store, who was celebrating 75 years. 
Who, also was having a scavenger hunt, which I did. 
Which I considered useless, because it was me against the locals. . . 
it was inevitable that I lost, but with good spirits.

They actually had some chic little shops, 2 to be exact.

Awesome Pool house

The only video store in town. 
Can you see how the lightbulbs were still going?

Steph posing on State Street.

We found this place, which i'm not sure if it was still open. .. but with this rouge why not?

I'm sure Salina doesn't get many tourists, ever, so it must have been a site to see two ladies walking down the street taking photos. 

After getting the full tour of Salina, which took about 30 minutes, plus 30 minutes of shopping the two chich shops, we headed to Richfield!
Had delicious ice cream.

This is my husband when I have a camera. 
After a full day of Salina and Richfield and everything between we decide to watch a movie.

What else could be betteR?

Hunter started us off showing us their dance, sadly, I couldn't get a shot while he was standing and dancing. 
We hung out, played Carcossone, ate good food and sat around. It was a nice relaxing weekend.
Thanks Steph and Hunter.

On our way home we took the scenic way?

Passed a few good little towns.
It really was a beautiful drive.
<3 it.

Our main reason for taking the detour.
 Derek and I were married here in the top room 5 years and 9 days ago. 

                                                                                      ☮ <3 Harmony


  1. Wow! Congrats, 5 years, how it flies! Fun road trip!

  2. Oh Salina! What a wonderful sight to see. Ha ha. You guys are good sports sticking out the weekend with us! Considering the circumstances, we had SO MUCH FUN! Poor Poor Karla...