Aug 17, 2010

REAL Soccer Games. Family Style.

First glance makes you think the left is me. But it's not, even I had to take a double take.  
That is sister Hali.
We all went to a REAL soccer game.  
Laney has some sort of attachment to "The Pudding Monster" 
aka Derek.
I told the kids a couple weeks ago how much Derek loves Snack Pak Pudding and said he was the pudding monster. 
So Laney asked after the game, 
"Pudding Monster will you carry me?"
How could the Pudding Monster say no?

I can't even tell you guys how much I <3 soccer. 
It's strange really.

I bet you are all excited to see these. 

I said "Hali will you bring me my camera?"
Hali says "Sure." (while secretly taking multiple face photos) 

Ever since Facebook came about we've been seeing a lot of these face shots.
Both my sisters have some sort of fascination with themselves.

Maybe this will teach her to stop taking these ugly face photos.

But probably not. 


  1. Hali, VERY NICE! Personal fav. is the POO face!

  2. Every single person in that first photo is wearing flip flops. except julia, who is in fact wearing no shoes at all.