Aug 2, 2010

Frequent Hiker Miles for Kannarraville Falls

We <3 this hike.

Now, doesn't this photo look like little Logan is trying to help Aunt Steph up?  Don't be fooled, he has this funny way of pulling down, no matter what direction you are trying to go.

Again, notice how Logan is pulling down, even on this photo.

If you'll notice, all of these Walker's look very much alike.

Slot cayons, water, red rock, greenery, what could be a better hike?  Plus it's still free.  For now. 
My <3 did break because this year, we decided to follow the rules (dang Derek) and not take The Kona.
Gasp. I know. Tears.

Look at these little men. Caleb thought he'd better pose on this log. 

We always have to get the family shot (minus the photographer) in front of the main canyon.

Steve and Gena have lived in Cedar their whole lives and had never been on the hike.

Kona's been here multiple times more than Cedariites!

Baby Tyler, he didn't say much.

For some reason, when we get to the sliding falls, the sun is never shining.

The water is COLD.

I don't know how I ended up catching the boys, but it didn't last long. For one I was freezing and two, the boys did not appreciate being caught after they went under the water. 

For some reason I think this looks like a Tinkerbell pose.

My Friends, this mane of mine is becoming somewhat of a pain.  Any suggestions for new hairdos?

So, the right is usually so deep that you can't reach the bottom and end up head of heels. . .it wasn't quite as deep as Derek anticipated.

The water is absolutely freezing it hurts. But it was nice once the sun came out.

The boys kept wanting to go down, without going under and having someone catch them.

I may or may not be going to the bathroom in this picture. I got stagefright once I saw Steph and Gena laughing at me.

Again, you see this mass of hair?  What to do with it? Chop it off? Because it is HOT.

Again, we <3 this hike!


  1. totally cut my hair the other day. Lincoln wanted me to keep it long, but it's such a pain. you do look cute with short hair but I like your long hair too.

  2. First of all, you TOTALLY tattled on yourself PEEING! That is hilarious! Anywho... we OWN that hike! And, as for your hair, I am accepting donations, among other things;)