Feb 19, 2012

Valentine's Day 1 & 2

Valentine's Day Part I

Luckily, the Husband hates holiday rushes as much as I do. 
So, we usually go out for Valentine's Day the weekend before or after.

This time, we decided for a new place for breakfast...Jeremiah's in Ogden.
Let's just say. 
It was Delicious. 
Derek had Carmel French Toast.  While I ordered probably the worst thing I could have.
And, unfortunetly, loved every bite.  All of it in fact.

Sausage, Bacon, Hash Brown, Medium Fried Eggs and 2 Whole Wheat Pancakes. 
Hey, I had to throw in some kind of healthy.

To continue this romantic day. 
We headed over to Smith and Edwards. 

Which, basically, looks exactly like this sign above. 
It's basically a huge junk yard plus a whole warehouse of junk as well.
Which, is just up our alley.

And then, I found these.
We've got to build these puppies up. 

I know. They are amazing. 
I loved how they even matched my tights!

Such a perfect end to a Walker Valentine's get it done early day. 

Valentine's Day Part II 

Actually on 2/14/2012

I actually spent it with three men. 
I know, crazy. 
Meet, Tom Walker and Brother in Law Hunter and of course, the Husband. 
(Side Note*  Brother in law Hunter wondered if I got my shoes (from above) from my Gram's.  I told him that if gram's would have had a pair, I would probably have worn those, but since she didn't, I bought these instead)

We went to dinner and movie.  

Precious i know. 

Then I found this with a card under my pillow!
(with a card that I had made, but no matter, I except nothing less from the Husband.)
Go Groupon and Husband!

1-Night Stay for Two in Any Room

Love that Husband. 
This is what I made for him...since he drinks Hot Chocolate every night.

The. Hu
Or Husband.  
Whatever you would like to interpret! 

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  1. Ah! Glad Hunter had some peeps to hang out with for V-Day! Thanks for letting him tag along!