Jun 22, 2014

Colorado National Monument with Babies

We had to go back to Grand Junction to sale our lemon of a car.  We had gotten there super late and the husband got up early to go sell our dead car.  Which we did!  Hooray! We decided to take a short trip to the National Monument there in town.  So glad we did.

I love the American Flag. I really do.  I kind of get emotional.  It's even better when it's flying in the sky with a beautiful backdrop! 

We were told to keep an eye out for big horn sheep as we entered the park.  Can you even see them?  There was probably a dozen and I could only get a few shots with them.

Of course, Aiko was asleep through it all. 

Who ever thought that the desert was so full of flowers!  I mean fields of cactus flowers.

 It was pretty hot and between babies and the husband, I knew we needed it to be super short. (The husband kind of melts and freaks out when too hot.)  There is a hike called the Devil's Kitchen.  I think it was about .7 miles one way.

It was awesome.

It really wasn't too bad, the only slightly strenuous part was towards then end...which, back in the day when we were avid hikers it wouldn't be considered strenuous.  But lugging around two kids is a WHOLE different ball game.  The markers were kind of here and there too.  So we think we made it to the Devil's Kitchen, but the only picture I saw online looked a whole lot different.

We'll take it though.  In the end it wasn't the heat or the babies that ended the hike, it was the blasted gnats!  They were biting like crazy!

This picture reminds me of my grandpa.  Apparently, when I was this age, my dad would spoil me, to which, my grandpa would take his little pinky and swirl it in the air.  (Indicating that I had my dad wrapped around my little finger.) I mean look at that dainty girl!

We also made a stop at Ute Canyon.  It was amazing.  I do love the desert scenery.

Me:  Husband, don't let her go over to the opening. 
Husband: What opening?
Me: The one she just found!

We can hardly keep up with her.  I mean, I know she short with tiny legs, but they move super fast.

I do love the red rocks of the world.  I wish we had a little more time to explore some other hikes, but the 5.5 hour drive home kind of changed our minds.

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