Jul 16, 2013

what did we DIDN'T do this weekend? part one

i'll be the first to admit that i always plan way too much, especially when the husband is gone, even if it's just overnight. 

friday: obon dancing practice

little cousin laney came to practice too.  then we went for some ice cream at Farr's Ice Cream

next, we had a sleepover!  

as you can tell, laney girl slept very well. 

we woke up to a lovely thunderstorm and a downpour of rain.  we sat and talked listening and smelling the rain.  i had hoped we'd make to the farmer's market on 25th street, but it was raining way to hard.

luckily, the rain stopped!  off to the farmer's market we went!  

we didn't have time to walk through all the booths, but we were able to get laney a ride with the sheriff!

it's always fun to have some sister time

ogden has all these old pianos set out on the street.  so fun to listen and see them everywhere!  i really want to get a piano and do something like this to it.  it's been on my mind for a while now, i just need to do it. 

we decided to stop and get lunch at Lucky Slice Pizza on 25th. 

i mean, how awesome it this?

delicious pizza on top, while there was even more delicious bruschetta on the bottom (no cheese please) for me!  it really was as good as it looks.  

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