Jul 24, 2013

it's not always a pretty job.

i've decided that this whole stay-at-home-mom thing isn't bad at all.  i basically get to do what i want all. day. long.  well, except for when that baby of mine demands my attention.

like when she had a roaring fever for the past week.  those pesky teeth are troublesome for her.  nonetheless, she was a trooper.  three times a week (more or less) we make the journey down to the garden.  auntie mitsie meets us half way on the walk (again, more or less) so we all get a lovely stroll in.  

we decided to branch out and try growing some new things; brussel sprouts, artichoke, carrots, beets, and along with a new strain of weed i've never seen before.  i have this thing about my veggies.  
see, i love them.  
i've been eying this poster for some time.  i realized yesterday that is was needed.  

not only will it look fantastic on my wall, i will now be able to tell you exactly which type of avocado i will be using. such a wall of wisdom in my home. i'm pretty excited.  

the garden is doing fairly well, the weeds are kept somewhat at bay.  i enjoy walking barefoot and feeling the dirt between my toes and slaying the weeds with my fingers.   i also really like the fact that i can tan while weeding.  (there's always been this competition between the family to see who is the tannest.  auntie mitsie usually wins) the kona has a spot that she's tied to and she just sits and tries not to die in the heat.  oh, and like i said, it's not always a pretty job. 

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