Jul 30, 2013

lions and tigers and bears!

i'm off to girls camp.  
it feels like it's been forever away and finally here. 
first time without that baby...ever.  she's in good hands.  

as you may notice, our theme this years is B.E.A.R.S.  (i'm not even sure what it stands for but i'm running with it.)  i found this bear photo while on pinterest (of course) here and it was free!  it's stake camp, so i basically got to plan the fun stuff, while the stake did everything else!

i love how our dreamcatchers came out...each one is different and unique.

i remember getting a camp tripod chair, which i still use, so i thought i'd continue the tradition for the girls.

hopefully,  the girls will humor me and wear these.

when they said the theme was bears.  they didn't know how i would explode with it.  everywhere.

wish me luck!


  1. Fun! I wish I was going to your girls camp!

  2. Cute! I want to be in your ward.