Jul 10, 2013

Red, White, Blue and a lot of baby

Auntie Hannah took an impromptu baby photo shoot for us.  We pulled in the Ikea chair and sat her down!  The husband is quite excited about them...he keeps bugging me to get them posted.  It's pretty cute. (Both her and him)

I have a deep love for this country and the flag.  We want this baby raised patriotic and understand the sacrifices people have made for this country. 

So this baby is dressed honoring our family, friends and all the other soldiers.

Luckily, we found this star romper at a thrift shop for seventy-five cents. (So...apparently, our keyboard does not have a cents sign. What is this world coming too?)  The headband is a pull-cord for my uncle Ken who passed recently and her tutu was given to us. 

(Apparently, I dress like a gypsy, according to the husband.)

Happy Birthday America.

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