Jul 18, 2013

part three of "what did we didn't do this weekend?"

after hurrying home from the obon festival, farmer's market, delicious pizza, and cutting up four watermelon's for the mama, i still REALLY wanted to go to the Moulin Rouge sing-along at Good Company Theatre.  

i'm so glad we did, because as we were walking up the stairs to the theatre i saw this. 

isn't she lovely?  

you guys, this wasn't like any other movie i've been too.  we received a goodie bag (who doesn't love goodie bags!) filled with confetti, a giant diamond ring (diamonds are a girls best friend!) a bloody tissue (so sad) and poppers!  

we sang and we sang loud!  there was a one man can-can dancer (nick), confetti was thrown at the happy moments, poppers popped at the electric moments, feet were stomped, and there were swoons.  oh, there were swoons! it was a partaaay!  the acoustics were excellent and we even toasted with some absinthe!  

it. was. so. much. fun.

if we would have known it was okay to dress up...magical things would have happened.  don't be sad, Good Company Theatre will have another sing-a-long in two weeks!  

be sure to check out the rest of their shows in july!

this saturday is the one man show!

hope to see you all there!

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