Nov 22, 2009

Boys Night Out

Ross came out to visit from Texas and so we had to get the boys together. Reminiscing about their glory days in high school and college. Absolutely, ridiculous. There are no real words to describe them. Maybe Cedarites...

The Nose, a poor girl that dated Ross and she become The Nose, because of her large Nose. Apparently they named all their dates.

Caleb narrating. "Remember that night that we were talking about how we could get 10 freshman girls to come over any time and not 10 seconds later the door bell rang and 10 freshman girls were at the door and wanting to hang out with us." All laughing their own laugh, turning red, remembering how awesome they once were.
There were also long periods of time where I tuned out their many mission stories. Sigh, they are pretty hilarious. Where are you John and Scott?


  1. That's a good lookin' couch, that's all I got to say about that.

  2. "How awesome they once were..." You speak as if we are no longer awesome.

    J/K. Thanks for hosting us Harm, it was super fun to hang out altogether again.

  3. John is busy leaving anonymous comments on peoples blogs.