Jun 18, 2009

We're getting better at these face shots

So, I'm not terribly huge on taking facebookish pictures. You know the ones that people take themselves while holding the camera in just the right spot?

Probably because, it is difficult.

One of us either looks like a thug, like Derek here.

Or me here.
Either way, it is difficult. Or you know that dreaded double chin look. Yeah, we have a LOT of those beauties.

By the way.
Have I told you lately, that Lagoon is AWESOME?
Except, for the small word called Nausea. I've discovered that I can't handle this ride, one of the oldest there, (Say Out Loud in a Powerful Zeus Voice) The Turn of the Century.
(Back to normal Voice) There are quite a few that have made me extremely nauseous. I now know that people aren't lying about getting sick.

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