Jul 6, 2009

Causey x2 with our Neighbors

Welcome to Causey Part II. This time we have brought along our lovely neighbors. We've both been BBQing in our separate backyards the last 3 nights and carrying conversations across the fence.

We decided it was time to do something about it. We packed everyone up and 10 minutes later we were gone!

Causey is obviously one of our favorite places. It's so green right now!

Here's Hali fishing out of the Kayak, trolling, in beautiful Causey.

Derek really liked this photo, props to Hannah.

Brian and Avery Kayaking.

Here's where tragedy struck, it begins with an "H" and ends with "ali." I had a nice comfy seat and then Hali sits.

She starts bouncing really hard on the tube, so I tell her to stop before she pops it.

You can see the little dust cloud from the air that came from the hole that Hali created.

And, this is what happens when Halis' come around.

Here we are, swimming to the cliffs of Insanity to go cliff jumping, which you can't see.

It was a fun filled excursion. Next time, we'll have to bring the wood for some mallows. Anyone ready for a Causey trip?

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  1. Hey I want to badly go to causey with you soon and kayak, cook smores and whatever! I miss ya, and as for soccer, i have Family home evening activities mondays and i'm not sure about wednesdays!