Dec 12, 2012

"ugly" christmas tree

i was just reading my friend erin's post about her "crappy christmas decorations"
she has four kids and is in despair about her christmas tree. 

she let her kids decorate it

usually, i would just laugh about these kind of things
(no offense erin)
but life has changed (obviously)
i had no idea how drastically though. 

i believe there are two kinds of trees in the world...well maybe three.

1 - pretty trees - you know, the trees that look like they were purchased right from the fancy stores or found on pinterest
2 - charlie brown trees. if you don't know what this is. . . 
shame on you.
3 - ugly trees.  yes, my kind of tree. i have a short poem i wrote last year about it.  i'm not normally the poetic type, but this is the real deal.  plus i made a treasury on etsy about it as well. 

i have what some might call an ugly Christmas tree.

my tree has hundreds of memories.
each ornament has a story you see.
so come, join the challenge of the 
ugly Christmas tree.

the other day i went to my first "play date"
one of the mom's was lamenting about all her smashed ornaments.

smashed ornaments?!?!

apparently, i didn't realize how passionate i was about my ornaments. i don't really care about the placement or anything on the actual tree
but smashing them!?!

if you had read my poem (and deeply contemplated the meaning) you'll understand that each ornament contains a memory.  instead of buying souvenirs, i purchase an ornament on every trip.

i actually stopped and just stared at this mom.
i had never considered that my little raptor would become a godzilla a destroy my memories.

goodness, now i feel the need to run upstairs and take photos of all my favorite ornaments!  now i'm going to have to post about it too.  luckily, i still have one more year before she unleashes terror on my ugly christmas tree.


  1. Love it! that's how I feel about my ornaments too. We've collected them over the years and they definitely have special meaning to me. They've survived Sam and Maggie, but these two little psycho's have already broken 5!!!

  2. Haha true! She makes a cute Rudolph though!!!

  3. I think that is the picture of the year. love.