Dec 11, 2012

indie ogden

i've been going to ogden my entire life
but "going to ogden" included gram's house and the mall.
that's it.
since moving here, i decided it was time to change
come to find out, there is tons to see and do!
one of our first ventures was last friday to the Indie Ogden Awards

so all the local companies brought out their goods to the union station
there were cupcakes, climbers, hawks, artists, sushi...
all sorts of fun things to see.
then there was an awards ceremony thanking all the businesses

come to find out... one of the booths contained a local cedarite.
chris bodily went to college with the husband.

so, i bought this cute print for the babe's room
now just to find a frame!

there was lots of delicious foods (plus coupons!)

cute husband. 

who else wants to join us?

the objective:
support the locals and eat good food!

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  1. OO! Me! We do the same thing in Chicago! We love trying new restaurants