Dec 4, 2012

something you may not know about me

i am weird
i'll admit it
i just spent the entire last week in Montana
graduating to become a Certified Footzoner
maybe you have heard of it?

well, let's just say, without footzoning, essential oils, and pretty much vegan meals,
i'm pretty sure my sweet little baby would never existed.

so, you'll probably be hearing about this a lot from me,
you may think it's weird
but you'll get over it. 

what is footzoning?
you have energy signals in your feet for your entire body
and through footzoning, we help balance those signals
so you become who God meant you to be
while helping the body to heal itself

crazy right?

(i know, i am commonly called the witchdoctor, but my name is Harmony.  hippiness here we come!)

so i've been working on graduating for a while
and now it is done!

here are a couple pictures of where you graduate

only seems fitting
being in the middle of nowhere
with the teepees (which had it been summer, i totally would have slept in these)
see the river?  
that's where my teachers would go and move the rocks back and forth, 
just to get some sunshine and exercise 

it's a lovely place
it was very calming (well after passing my tests)

oh, this cat?
well during class he sat down right in front of me and started. . .
uh-hem, cleaning himself

it made things a little awkward.

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