Sep 14, 2013

the land of nod

i'm a huge fan of the land of nod.  i get the magazine and look through it over and over again.  mainly to get ideas but always wishing.  they other day a woman with @thelandofnod e-mail bought a pair of my planter heads.  i wrote her briefly telling her order was on the way and that i loved the land of nod.

then i got this.  

These are for our lobby - they're awesome! You should design product for us, your work is amazing. I could totally see it translating to lighting or something. let me know if your interested, (I'm the CEO).

i was baffled and still am. you can imagine it took me a while to figure out what to write back.  one day...maybe we'll see our planter heads in their magazine.

in the meantime, i gave my little lady a new hairdo.  she's going to look oh-so-festive in my fabulous newly remade half kitchen. 

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