Sep 25, 2013

The Eagle's Nest has Landed.

The Baby.

 The Gear.

 The Crowd.

The Flyer who takes her husband's birthday present and uses it as her own. 

The Outfit. (I changed right after.)

The Instructor

The Set-up

The Take-Off.

The Peter Pan Pose

Flying into the sun. Now, I must describe this whole thing...relaxing.  I didn't feel it was a rush of thrills, maybe if I were able to fly it by myself, but you just kind of floated.  It was fun, don't get me wrong, just don't go do it if you are looking for a thrill seeker. 

The awkward descent. 

Super Awkward Descent. 

Happy  Baby.
Happy Birthday to the Husband from March.  We now know not to wait until the last moment to schedule a Groupon. Always look at the expiration dates. 

Photo credits: Hannah

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