Sep 17, 2013

how do you enjoy being a woman a leisure?

i enjoy it quite a bit.  i've said it before and i'll say it again.  i love being a stay at home mom.  i can be as hermit like as i want and do what i want...until that baby calls of course.  i craft, i read, i take naps, cook, chores, lay out on my deck, go for walks.  i still say this is the life.  with one baby who naps quite often i have to keep myself entertained.  i'll admit as aiko is the only child, i'm she is at a super fun stage.  boxes keep her entertained for pete's sake. (look at that belly)

luckily though, i do have a friend that reminds me that it's good to be part of a community and do something noteworthy while my baby sleeps.  therefore, she takes me along to Local First Ogden Meetings and soon to
the Ogden Arts Festival Committee meetings. 


alicia's a pretty smooth talker (i mean this in the best way) and a go-getter.  such a good example for me.  so instead of lazily spending my afternoons basking in the sun, i've found myself creating flyers, documents and brainstorming for Local First.   alicia is also the one who got me involved with Indie Ogden, writing articles about the city.  she gave me the tour of 25th street, and knows all the local shop owners. so we get together, plan and brainstorm.  really, it's good for the brain and the heart.

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