Sep 16, 2013

land of bounty

i've been neglecting my gardenely duties...luckily, auntie mitsie is there.

this year we grew carrots...i don't ever remember my grandma growing them.  they are my favorite.  even the littlest carrot smells more carroty than any giant one from the store.  plus, they are SUPER fun to pick! obviously, i need to work on my thinning skills a little more.

as you can tell, the pears are ripening.  it's probably one of the few fruits i can give the whole thing to my baby without her choking on it.  the basically melt in your mouth.  (don't worry, she was more worried about her pear than those pickers behind her.)

the husband and i were picking grapes...that grew up the gazebo, pine and some other weird tree...maybe a pecan?  see, there was this bushel of green grapes right about the husbands head.  these green grapes are small and soft enough aiko can eat a whole one and i don't have to worry.  so of course, i needed them. 

there were plenty of concord grapes but they have seeds and seem to be a lot of work if you are going to eat them.  thanks to jan for taking the photos.

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