Sep 12, 2013

flies and life

i know, i know.  it's been a while.  but i haven't felt anything was blog worthy...just been lazy.  

so now, it's super late and i'm wide awake.  

also, there is this large fly buzzing around the house, and for some reason, i feel really sorry for it.  this sympathy originally started as i sat upon the toilet and listened to the fly hit the mirror over and over again.  why?!  i'm not sure where all these feelings of sympathy came from.  my family would probably not consider me the most sympathetic person...maybe it's from one of the many karate kid shows.  i'm thinking of the one girl karate kid who spends time in a monastery and they teach her all life is sacred.  impressed?

well, there's a life lesson for tonight. 

all life is sacred.  

funny how this disgusting fly has brought out such feelings.  i even opening the door for it to go outside, but no luck.  that's probably as far as my sympathy goes.  you lost your chance fly.

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