Sep 23, 2013


Yes, already.  Call me crazy, but it took so long to get Aiko, I decided come what may, let's get this fatness done and over with. Plus, I think it will be super fun to have them close together.  Aiko will be 1 next month. This fact seems to surprise a lot of people.  She's pretty tiny.  In fact, Hannah decided to check her stats online and Aiko doesn't even register for 9 month babies. She's been 15 lbs since she was 3 months and has only grown 3 inches since she was born.  Oh, well, technically, she does have some super short genes, Asian and not. 

It was a slight surprise when I found out we were pregnant.  I'd just gotten home from girl's camp and found out our friends the Jones' were pregnant, so I promptly texted Heather.

me: No, Way.
Her: What, are you pregnant too?
me: No, I don't think so.

But it had me seriously thinking about it a day later. When I took my first test it came back invalid...this the story of my life when it comes to these puppies. I was a little bummed.  Tried again later that day and it came back positive.  Friends, this is how it should go right?  A little surprised, worried, happy, blown away.  I immediately texted The Husband and from their it's history.

I've found that this whole pregnancy thing seems to be a little harder when you don't go to work everyday.  I was nauseous all through with Aiko, but only puked twice.  This time's crazy.  Not only have I looked chubby from day one, I'm just trying to sleep as much as possible so I don't feel sick.  Luckily, I have another friend who is also pregnant and due about the exact same time!  So we text back and forth what we shouldn't have eaten that day and what we puked up.  It actually makes for good fun.

Does anyone else think that the second pregnancy is also much more exciting that the first?  See, now that I have #ohniceandchubbybaby, I actually know what fun comes from having a baby now.  Does that make sense?  I'm twice as excited because it's another little human (that will probably look just like her dad, never like her mom...just like #ohniceandchubbybaby) but nonetheless, I'm oh, so excited.

Good Times are coming people. Good Times.

I was going to create some clever saying for Aiko's shirt...something that included her #ohniceandchubbybaby line...but my brain wasn't into it.  We just took a sharpie and went at it.


  1. I am SO excited for you! I really didn't realize that Aiko was that old, and depending on how far along you are, it might be like Ruth and WIll-they are 18 months apart and I LOVE it! Ruth still likes to beat up on Will a bit, but more often they are giving kisses and playing so cute that I just love it. I'm sorry about the rough pregnancy. My first was extremely horrible but my second was a dream, much like his delivery, his personality, and everything about my wonderful little momma's boy that I am SO SAD is getting big. Anyway, this is turning into a novel instead of a comment, but I am JUST. SO. EXCITED. for you! Congrats!

  2. 1. I can't believe she's going to be 1! Such a peanut!
    2. You look amazing!
    3. I am SO happy for you four! Babies are amazing and the more the merrier. :) I think it's great that Aiko will have a little playmate. We hope to have the same for Lucca. :) 4. YAY!!!

  3. OMG, this is SO exciting...but we can't believe you didn't tell us when we were there. We could have kept your secret. I thought we were better friends than this (actually more so Devin)!

  4. So excited for you! Aiko is a doll so baby #2 will adorable too! I thought my 2nd pregnancy went by so much faster than the first and it was a lot of fun (although some things really scared me cause I wasn't totally ignorant like with the first haha). Congrats!!