Aug 23, 2013

tubing the weber canyon

We've tubed this river many times, but the route we took was probably not the best, as sometimes you  have to run across the railroad bridge.  It was scary and definitely not recommended.  Luckily, my husband found a route which was taken more often, was longer, and much more exciting.  Plus, you didn't have to walk across a railroad bridge. 

Items needed for an ever so fun tubing experience:

Tubes - You may choose the ones with or without holes.  I'd recommend ones without holes.  You'll most likely want to fill the tubes with air before going up the canyon.  If not, be sure you have an air compressor that will work with your car. Also, you might think about bringing an extra tube, even in the river.  We had one person's tube pop very early.  Luckily, he was able to float down the river with his life jacket.  Although, there is a spot at the end that you will need your tube. 
Shoes - Don't wear flip-flops.  We rescued a certain person's flip-flops multiple times. 
Clothes - Sometimes, you flip over.  Some times you float into reeds.  Some times you'll stink.
Vehicles - You'll need at least two.  One for the drop-off site, the other for the pick-up site.  Or you can hitchhike, that's up to you. 
Life Jackets - These are required by law.  Don't be dumb. 
Age - We took a 12 year old on this, while she had a semi-traumatizing moment, she was not in any danger at any time.  Parents, you decide. 

Alright, to begin this adventure head towards Evanston via I-84.

Merge onto I-84 East to Cheyenne/Morgan

Gaze at all the beauty around you. 

Don't worry, while my dogs looks fairly concerned, she is a water dog, therefore, she loves water.  We even have a special dog life jacket for her. 

Keep driving past Morgan. 

Take Exit 108 to Taggart.  Stay Right.  Park your second vehicle (along with keys) by the river. 

This is also the exit that you will be getting out at with your tubes.

Merge back on to I-84 and continue on to Exit 111, Croydon.

Somehow, I managed not to get a picture of Devil's Slide.

Your exit is soon upon you.


Follow the road under the bridge. 

Park your vehicle here. 

Take Photo here.  

Sadly, I don't have a fancy water camera to take pictures of the whole tubing experience.  Right behind our truck you will see a spot to jump in the river.  Jump in. 
There is a bridge that you will be going under, supposedly it's better to go to the right, but seeing how I didn't make it to the right side, we did fine going through the left.  As you continue on, you will go under a couple other bridges, don't be alarmed.  Just use your feet/hands to push around objects.  This sounds much harder than it is.  You'll float in the river for around an hour.  Be nice to the fishermen that line the river as well.  You'll see immediately where to get out.  Usually, there are multiple cars lined up along with some actual tubing companies.  This is where shoes are most useful, as walking up the side is more rocky than dirt.  Have fun!

Oh,  you can also stop at the restaurant Taggart's.  Which is delicious.  Here is where I have posted previously about it.    

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