Aug 27, 2013

Make your own art. Cheaply.

I came across this free magazine Edible Wasatch while dining in Provo, but luckily, there are many places in Ogden that carry it as well.  (Click here to search for the nearest location.)  So much good info in it! Plus, I loved how it was all about Utah.  

I came across this colorless but lovely bug page.  For some reason, I like to be able to identify bugs, plants, clouds, really anything to do with nature.  Basically, all the things you learn in school that I have since forgotten.  Once in a while, I get feeling artsy.  While I am not the best at drawing, I do enjoy coloring.  I mean really, who doesn't love to color?  

I pulled out my water color pencils from high school, sharpened some and went to work.  I really like the watercolor pencils because they make it look like you are somewhat of a watercolor artist.  You color just like you would with any pencil and then take a wet brush and swish it around.  

The bugs were lovely before, but oh-so-much-better with some color.

There was also the bug identification section. I felt it needed a purpose and needed a place.

I'm a big thrifter.  I bought a bunch of frames for a wall in my house, which, still isn't and probably won't ever be done.  I'm always adding to it.  Here's some of my thrifted items, which you'll see the original purpose for the octagon frame. 

(Gross.  I know. Plus, it took SOME WORK to get that blasted lace and flower out.)

I took the frame and traced around it on the bug paper.  It took a bit a cutting here and there but we finally got it to fit. I think it gives it a bit of a vintage look.  I also had another frame that fit perfectly for the bug identification sheet.  

I really enjoy my bug frame.  Everything you see on this wall has been thrifted.  I've probably spent $15.00 or less.  Plus, some of the art came from my husband.  Hmmm, now I'm itching to add some more.  Although the bug identification frame didn't make the wall, it does sit on my entryway table.  What do you guys think?  

Also, this will also be posted on Indie Ogden's Website.  Check it out!

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