Aug 8, 2013

say goodbye green cabinets without any cabinet doors!

once upon a time, there was this crazy couple, who kept buying fixer uppers because the wife couldn't buy a cookie cutter house. she just couldn't bear the thought of being a normal person. so instead, they bought a house that had been torn apart and had no doors when they moved in.  9 months later, they decided it was time.  mainly, because their #ohniceandchubbybaby started crawling.

they had painted the upper cabinets and just never got around to the bases.  good thing too, otherwise all that paint would have gone to waste.

so the husband decided one day to start ripping them out. 

they found these semi good cabinets that were unfinished.   painting would be a good option.

one day soon they'll be installed, with beautiful wood counter tops.  one day soon.  so the story continues.

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