Aug 9, 2013

have you ever seen such a large green table?

went on a date the other night!  the oaks, up ogden canyon.   i even bought some new shoes for it.

somehow we got their biggest table and benches, but it was right next to the river outside, and it was lovely.

see the river down below? 

see what i mean by "benches?"  it was a huge table.

we weren't super hungry and decided to get the appetizer platter.  i saw all the veggie options and though hooray!  for some reason i didn't think they would ALL be deep fried.  they were good, until they suddenly became ungood when i felt my heart stopping.  (i j/k. but seriously.)

oh, maybe you are like me?  the person who always drips something on themselves? ALWAYS.  plus i knocked over my water cup too.  i sure know how to impress my man.

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