Aug 6, 2013

zucchini noodles for that baby.

this baby can really pound it when it comes to food. to show her excitement she puts both hands in the air and twists from her wrists and hands.  
as her mama i feel i use that word too many times when thinking of that baby.  (so get over it, i can say it, because i made this baby...9 months to be exact)

someone asked me months ago what aiko's personality would be, i didn't even have to think.  
"miss independent"
she's only 9 months and has decided she can feed herself, which she can, with or without the spoon. she's been holding a bottle since three months too.  i was gone for 4 days and i thought she would be super excited to see me, but alas, she's good, with or without me.

i try to keep this baby's diet relatively clean (much cleaner than mine.)  she doesn't really get processed foods, if anything, she's basically vegan.  she doesn't seem to mind either.  the other day i was being consumed by zucchini's and thought that we should give them a go.  to make them easier to grab i graded them small and boiled for a few minutes.  after that, i plopped them on her tray and she was mauling them into her mouth.  such a cute little monster.  i had a friend ask how i made them and after explaining i realized that eating the zucchini raw would be much healthier and easier.  i haven't even seasoned them and aiko LOVES them.

she's totally a texture girl.  i once made mashed potatoes for her and she wouldn't eat them.  but if i gave her bites of my baked potato she couldn't control herself.  she loves eating all vegetables and fruits.  i think her favorites are peas.  she's finally conquered picking them up, one by one, by one, by one.  sometimes, i can't stand watching her eat so slowly, that i sneak a bunch in her mouth to make her feel like she did it all by herself.

heaven help us. 


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