Aug 1, 2013


well, this first photo wasn't thrifted...but they were from the dollar bin from target. including my new specs.  there were a couple other books...but they messed up the nice layout we had going here. 

hmmm, it appears, that i didn't crop my photo.  the important part is that i got all this for a quarter.  i love yard sale season. 

these puppies were purchased for very specific reasons. 
1. i wanted them
2. one for six dollars and one for seven, can you guess which one?  i'll give you a pair.  not. 
3. they were brand new from a thrift store
4. the silver ones were needed for a grease sing-along
5.  the brown ones were needed for a date with the husband. 
7. i wanted them.

the kona agrees with me. 

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