Aug 12, 2013

DIY Bear Ears. As long as you have hair that is.

these are pretty quick and easy.  i originally was going to crochet them all...but that was just my mind going insane for a minute. 

take a rectangle how ever thick you want it.

fold in half.

then cut out an "infinity" shape.

put a bobbi pin along the center.  (i left the curved edge out.)

place some glue...or a lot of glue.  i've found the more you place the better the ears stood up.

press down.

snap! now you have bear ears!

i did all sorts of colors.  afterwards i felt they needed some additional color.

so i decided to make some quick bows.  i took rectangle shapes once again and just twisted and glued.  actually, after a few bows, i realized it looked way cuter when you twisted twice, but by then it was too dark to take a photo. 

on my way to girls camp...i kind of liked the ears.  
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  1. I just googled how to make bear ears and stumbled along this blog...and OH MY GOD, I love the name of it. It's so perfect!!