Aug 8, 2013

"did you know the first five dances?" says my uncle

no, i didn't.  you'd think after all the practices i went too, that i could remember some of them.  complete stage fright i suppose. the experience was unreal.  to get dressed in our kimono's, everyone went into the dressing room.  there were bamboo mats laid on the floor and you had to take off your shoes before walking on it.  then they stripped you down, put on a bunch of robes and then tied everything as tight as possible.  and i mean tight! 

this guy sure knew the dance moves.

i had to concentrate really hard on the instructors (which they knew me and had been "coaching."  i'm sure they were like "ugh...doesn't she know them by now?"

this woman was just lovely and graceful.  someday...

notice how my fan seems to be in all the wrong places...that's why i'm with the kids, so the spectators are drawn in by their cuteness and ignore me.  (actually, they are all my cousins' kids, but nonetheless.)

it really was super fun.  at one point i got all welled up with emotions.  i plan on making aiko dance every year for the rest of her life!

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