Apr 9, 2009

The time has come (pun intended).

Well hello again.

Auntie Janet suggested making those fancy watchbands, luckily for her, Steph just taught me how to make them a couple of weeks ago. As many as your probably know, Bumble brand is extremely expensive, $17 for a face and $27 for the bands. I'm all about saving money, while accessorizing.

So on April 18th. 2009 at 3 pm we will begin fun times.

Here are the steps to a successful watch party at Harmony's House.

1. Come to Harmony's house at specified time and date.
2. Go Here to pick our your watch face(s)
3. Send Harmony your watch face order, with product number and color (so we can try and get a bulk order done). We'll be adding $1.00 per watch for S&H + tax
4. One can either bring they're own beads, (clearance racks in Walmart have many cute beads.) or I have beads in the following colors ($4.00 per band if you use my beadstock)
Maroon (wood), mustard yellow (plastic), black (plastic), coral in red colors, black lava rock, & white pearl (plastic).
I can also find other colors, or am happy to go shopping with friends in need of some coloring advice. Ü
5. We will provide all clasps, elastic material, spacers, and glue. ($2.00 per person)
6. Bring a treat to snack on.
7. Friends are invited, but please RSVP.
8. Bring your cash.

To sum it up, you could make 1 full watch for around $11 or go to Bumbles (Go there for ideas for free!) and spend much more. If you are unsure what kind, size, color, amount of beads, please contact me.

If you would like a watch band but don't want to make it, I'd be glad to make one for you for $5.00 more.

Please e-mail at Harmonymwalker@gmail.com

Oh yes, other girly fun is available, waxing (you know you want too), pedicures & manicures, eating, and whatever else someone can add.


  1. Harmony! I think me and my friend and my mom want to come. I'll let you know what watch faces they want. Also if I have a salon waxing machine that Ryan got me for Christmas if you need me to bring it. I'll be in touch.

  2. I AM TOTALLY COMING! Jackie will be back by then too...maybe I'll drag her along with me:)

  3. I wish I could come. It's pretty funny though because we are having a watchband party this week too! GOOD TIMES!

  4. Hey there! It has been so long. It is so fun to look at your blog and see what you have been up to. You guys look great!

  5. Oh I really want to make one and come, but I'll be in Hawaii still! ;( I for sure want to do it still, I'll come another time! I love ya!

  6. Sounds awesome! I'll check the schedule, as it is the exact day between mine and hubby's birthdays. Love it, you fun fun wwwoman!

  7. Harm I'm sad I don't live up north! I love making these watch bands..and so much cheaper than bumbles! It was fun to see you at church last week. You look great miss skinny-minny! Have lots of fun!

  8. Hey Harmony!!! I think I will be able to come to your party I am excited to see you!! My address is 45 E 200 S Spanish Fork, UT 84660! It might take me a bit to decide on my watch face how long do I have?

  9. Those are SO cute! I am trying to think of who to make one for-I don't really wear watches, but I think they look like fun and would make an awesome gift! I think we might be in Idaho that day. My brother gets home from his mission Saturday and is reporting April 19th. Let me find out for sure and I will get back to you-thanks for the invite! :)

  10. Man, I wish I lived in UT! So cute!

  11. Hey! It was good to hear from you. We also love adoption! :D Thanks for contacting us, we look forward to reading your cute blog. Also, I may be looking into those adorable watches... :D

  12. Oh my gosh! Your blog is so awesome! I LOVE it! Haha :) too cute! Amazing job too!