Apr 17, 2013

station 22

you guys.  this place. was. awesome.

sugar waffles with maple chicken and bacon (the mama ordered this.)

burger with roasted peppers and homemade fries (sister ordered this.)
all smelt and was delicious!  my food took a little longer and as a breastfeeding mama, i was starving.  hannah pointed out how i wolfed it down. . . it was a ratatouille sandwich.  it was wonderful. 

they claim to have the state's largest soda pop menu.  eighty something...

this was the mama's reaction to the "cups." 

as you can see, everything is different, yet worked so well together!  all the silverware, chairs, mason jars were all different!  as a thrifter, i'm sure they took out all the good stuff at the local shops.

they even used pallets to decorate the walls...(it's a current obsession of mine)

while i'm not a huge pop drinker...i saw the lavender and thought i'd better try it.  not super sweet and it was just right!  i did try some of the butterscotch beer...it was extremely butterscotchy and i liked it!

so on the way to the bathroom we found a surprise!  look at all the variety?!  we had to buy a couple to bring home to the husband, as he considers himself some sort of master of root beer.

julia childs even made a debut

i can't even tell you how much i loved the looks of the place.  before we even got our food we knew it was awesome because of all the little details in the place.  they even used twine to tie the napkins.

kind of wish we had taken a better picture of our waiter.  he was super "chill" (as hali would say) and they all dressed like newsie boys!

so next time in provo...be sure to stop at Station 22 Cafe.
corny...why yes, yes, i am. 

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