Apr 11, 2013


what would easter be without our craziness?

the annual rolling of the easter eggs

the "adult" easter egg scavenger hunt with the coveted $20.00 egg at the end for the winner. 

this year we added nerf guns.  everyone got a gun during the race.  if someone shot you, you had to stop and count to 10 and then go.  you may spy nerf bullets EVERYWHERE.  sometimes we even set up courses and play nerf guns.  (we're cool like that.)

and as always...here we have our annual egg toss, which ends with the seagulls coming to clean up the mess. this year just wasn't the same...as little sister hali is in russia.  i didn't have anyone to run after the seagulls with me.

 luckily, we didn't end up throwing eggs at each other like we usually do.

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