Apr 9, 2013


we are part of a giveaway on twistmepretty.com !

fellow footzoner katelyn contacted me about giving away an aromastone and i was pretty excited!  i love that more and more people are finding out about essential oils and using them in their daily lives.

just the other day, my poor husband had what could have been a large accident.  see, he was zip lining in the backyard with a semi-crappy made handle.  it busted as he came zipping down and he landed on our steel fire pit. (which was placed in a very stupid spot, we will be moving it.) luckily, he only managed a few scrapes and a very large bump on his shin (where it collided with the steel edge.) my first thought was, i better go and find some yarrow to put on it.  he was pretty battered people.  i'm usually the one with self inflicted accidents happening in this house.  

so he comes in, mud splattered on his face and everywhere else.  i look at his shin, which is bulging and dump on some yarrow essential oil.  have you ever see yarrow?  it's a deep blue.  BLUE.  so not only is his shin bulging and bleeding, it's now even worse looking blue.

he jumps in the bathtub and i dump in some epsom salt with yarrow, german chamomile and black spruce essential oils to let him soak.  then i footzoned him.

ladies and gentlemen, the next day, it should have looked like a volcano on his leg, now was just a small cut with no bruising. we sure are lucky he didn't bust something worse.

i believe once again.  sometimes, i continually have to be reminded how awesome essential oils are. if you ever want to talk oils give me a jingle and i'll give you some tried and true experience!

see katelyn's blog here!  

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