Apr 16, 2013

Bijou Market

recently, i've been an instagram stalker.  i know, i know, i am way late into the game, but i just can't help myself.  pictures are so much more exciting to me! anyways, so i started following this gal Emily Frame who started this market.  it was a bunch of Etsy like ladies selling in one place! so there i went and made my mom and sister come as well.  baby girl and the husband decided to hang out at home. i think it was well worth the trip to provo.

i have a thing for wooden toys and now that i have a baby girl...it's even worse!

i bought aiko this for her 6 month half birthday.  it's a twirly thing.  for some reason the name of this toy eludes me at the moment.  (thanks heather for the idea and excuse to buy it!)

aren't these sooo pretty!?  make me want to break out my stain glass stuff i got years ago

i've been looking for a clock...and this shop almost had me.  i loved all the shapes, but i just couldn't find the right one still.

this almost, ALMOST, makes me want to start baby girl on solid foods.  i bought them for a later date.  i tried to go more "girlie" and still ended up with blue and orange.  when my husband saw them he said "why did you buy super mario bibs?"  i can't believe i didn't even think that. 

i'm usually a million miles away from any kind of doll, but i REALLY wanted to buy the little lady one of these.

two of my favorite things.  1. felt.  2. big felt!


can you even believe the crazy, crafty people out there?! i am just amazed. 

i can't wait until i can buy a little book bag for her!

super fun!  i even saw the infamous emily frame...but i chickened out and didn't say hi.  so for now...i'll always be just a instastalker

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  1. I love this boutique and was super bummed that I couldn't make it this year! Such cute stuff.