Apr 30, 2013

New Mexico

i believe i could have lived the rest of my life in New Mexico

i love all the bright colors, turquoise and well, maybe, not all the skulls.  they were slightly pretty anyway. 

baby girl and i decided to take a quick trip to visit our bestie annie.  i've known annie since we were in first grade.  it's amazing how we've kept in touch through the years!

we visited Old Town Alburquerque. there were churches, live bands, tons of shops


crazy masks

artists who carve sculptures. he also asked if we wanted a picture with it.  so we did.  i love how he took a picture with half of it being concrete.

and one of my favorite things!  STONES!  turquoise, amber, coral...all things lovely.  we looked at every one.  i love turquoise and all the natural stones.  plus it makes it even better when they are made by someone.

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