Apr 5, 2010

MUCH of This for Summer

Folks, this is another Long one, but it is a good indication of good fun to be had. 

Carol and Walkit came up for Conference and spent some quality time at the Hesley/Walker Household. It's a good thing Carol is a preschool teacher, she kept us in line.  We tend to spill.  A LOT.

Since when did Paas Dye Kits come with a Bazillion Colors?  Lovely Colors mind you.  
Our family (probably because we make up half of the "Original Nine" (definition to follow later)) Always brought Deviled Eggs. Not only do we bring the Deviled Eggs, we are also to main producer for the Easter Egg Roll with about 4 dozen boiled eggs. 

If you will recall last Easter Fantasticness.  
Obviously little Laney here does. 

The Great Grand-Babies (Because my generation is "The Original Nine" (Note within Note, doesn't that remind you of Lord of the Rings?")) love Bubbles.  We spend mucho time with Bubbles. 

To begin the Easter Scavenger Hunt, Auntie Mitsie dumps the starting eggs and it's a race to the finish.  Mind you, this is only for "The Original Nine" + Spouses.  The Great Grand babies do theirs before us.

With it being a race, there are some casualties and bumps and bruises along the way. 

I think it is hilarious that the "Original Brother In-Laws" (Not to be confused with the "Original Nine" because the "Original Brother In-Laws" sired the "Original Nine") still love us and take endless photos, like we are still all kids.  Here Uncle Hal is filming the action.

Uncle Scott and my dad 
(Who took these photos for me, because as you can see below, I needed to be moving)

Always smiles at the end of the scavenger hunt.  Jordan was the first. 

Derek does rather well at the Scavenger Hunt for being one of the "Original Nine"'s Spouses and finishing in a timely manner.  Sam, married to Steven "Original Nine" was saying how it took her five years to move into 3rd place, instead of Dead Last every time. 

Here we are with our bounty.

For some reason, after the hunt is done we all sit on the hill, empty our eggs and sit.  There is also some good trading going on as well.

From Derek's Family to Ours
The InFamous Egg Roll

The Roll didn't last quite as long as last years.  Probably because someone starting egg throwing.  (Obviously one of the "Original Nine")

How do you organize Boiled Egg Throwing?  Play Jackpot!
If you click on the picture and expand it, you'll see that the egg was totally in my hat.  Dang those Tormans for always being taller than us. 

Fierce concentration here. 

And as expected, the seagulls did come.  For some reason I think it is way fun chasing the birds.  (I think the twins like it too, but I needed supporters.)

Hali, with egg remnants in here hands.  She was trying to get the seagulls to take it from her hand.  She waited and well, she got tired of holding her arms up. 

This is the Place!

A game we haven't played in a while.  But really, everyone played it in elementary school.  

This is Boys/Girls.  We had to change the teams frequently because well, it was usually very on sided.

Tracey avoiding the ball. Sorry Folks, there are a lot of these pictures, because it's so nice to have a camera that will take motion pictures.  Woot Woot. 

Tracey "Original Nine" vs Spouses of "Original Nine"

Not really sure who won that.  Hence, we needed to create exact boundaries and pulled out the spray paint.  Obviously, we needed to know where was out or not. 

But, I guess Lincoln is claiming that victory.

It's just funny to see these pictures, because there is so much going on.  Kim is tossing the ball, Hall is trying to catch a ball, and Bradley is trying to find his next target.  Bradley would follow a person around, basically to be in the way to trip them.  Not only were we Dodging balls, we were also trying to Dodge the twins.

Note* Most of the following pictures are of my Husband.  At this point I was taking photos, I guess you can tell where my focus was.  
Sorry cousins, but really I ask, How can an "Original Nine" not like a man in his "Sunday" Oka Shirt?

Notice how you can see Derek squeezing the green ball.  This is not good, because if you had bigger hands than me, you could palm the ball and blast it at someone.  I on the other hand, found that it I licked my hand first, spread the saliva on the ball, could actually grip it.  Secret Technique, use it well. 

I couldn't help it! Snicker. 

Oh Lincoln, he's the almost newest addition to the clan.  He fits in well. 

These next few are pretty priceless of Derek.  His mouth is always open!

You better watch out Derek, my sisters have deadly fast aim. They aim to Kill. 

The race to the middle was always a super fast crazy moment. Most of the time when I ran up there, got a ball, and threw it, completely missing every time.  Lame. 

The boys getting ready for the next strike.  They showed no mercy and did not like it when a girl got them out. 

See look at those twins, they would run right in front of you. . .

Doesn't he need a pogo stick or something?  And again, his face. 

Directly behind Derek is some underground gutters down the street.  We've lost MANY
good and faithful balls down them.  I remember climbing crawling through it to save a lost softball.  Now that we are older, and much faster, we don't loose them as quickly.  But it will forever be a worry on our minds, because when a ball goes in the gutter, it usually does not come back.  EVER.

Many grass stains came about. 

This picture is just crazy, look at all that is going on, and see the weird blue orb?  The camera focused on that ball, and everything seems to be floating around it in time. 

Gotta love it.  Sadly, I do not have photos of our Kickball game.  I'll have to ask the family if they have any.  Also a good time.  Many shoes are flipped in the air with the balls and many sacrifices were made to get on base.  So, with a great kick off for the summer, we are ready.  


  1. Great times though I was extremely sore the next day.

  2. Ha ha! Yay for the INFAMOUS EGG ROLLING! I did not take part this year...(sniffle, sniffle)

    OH - LOVE THE ZIPPER FLOWER and jelly! Thanks!

  3. I can't believe I missed this. LOL

  4. Wow! I am totally jealous of your crazy Easter fun!