Mar 21, 2010

Mustache March

I <3 Fascial Hair.

If I was a man (Harmony Speaking) and could grow Fascial Hair, oh man, just think of the possibilities!

Derek in Mustache March!  
(I begged him to do the Fu-Man-Chu look, <3 it)

Harmony's Reaction to Mustache March! 

Kona is Mustache March. Doesn't this look like Dukes of Hazards or something?


  1. Yes, the mustache is pretty great. It creeps me a little bit, though.

  2. haha! Love the kona stache! I asked Josh if he wanted to go to Carrie Underwood at Stadium of Fire. He said he doesn't know any Carrie songs. I started to sing "Jesus take the wheel". He still didn't know. Maybe my singing. He said he doesn't care to go to Stadium of Fire. I said GREAT show and fireworks! No dice. Maybe I will leave him home and go with you two!

  3. Mustache March! Only something DEREK would participate in! That last picture really is quite the shot and you are correct, very Dukes of Hazardy!
    P.S. I just happened to read the comment above - Eh em, WHERE IS MY INVITE AND TICKET? Hmm?