Mar 20, 2010

Eat the Tops

CupCake Cake

Delicious.  I saw a photo of some awesome cupcakes and thought, I <3 cake. 
So this week we've made mucho cakes.  One for church, duos for birthday.
But these are my absolute favorite cake ever, hence, I will now and forever ask for these!!

This is my cupcake without the top, because, I always eat the top off, its just what needs to be done.
Tricky eh?  There has been some debate whether this will effect the colors of my insides.  But I saw it is worth it.  
Take cake batter and separate into however many colors you want, dopple a spoonful in each cup and shake a little to help settle batter.  If it helps, think ROYBGV.   I have a hard time saying it.

Doesn't it remind you of PlayDo Ice Cream?

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