Mar 8, 2010

Partying in Southern Utah

We went to Silver Reef this last weekend with Derek's Fam.  I've never been to Silver Reef and I just noticed that there was a lookout point on this sign.  I just took the picture and never read it.

Where's Harmony?   Buahaha.  It's funny. 
These boys and their walking sticks.  Gotta love em.  Logan on the left would not smile for any pictures, only funny faces. 

Cool Curvy tree picture.

Again Funny Face

Apparently, there are a lot of "Naked" people that walk around here in the summer.  It was the place to go an tan in your bikini in High School.  So I'm told.  

Don't worry Cyclops was not found in the desert.  That's just Harmony. 

I was doing funny poses on this rock and my hair wanted to pose too. Derek thought this was hilarious for some reason. . . 

Walking Sticks are good but nothing beats holding Aunt Steph's hand.

Cool Rock formations with little boys.

Logan was trying so hard on those tippy toes. 

Trooper Mama with Tyler. 

No regular smiles here. 

Or here.  Tyler is taking notes though. 

There was a part of the trail where you could climb up the rock with the rope up to the top of the waterfall. 

I just noticed that little Caleb is almost as tall as me here....won't be long. 
Logan making the climb along the rocks.  
Little kids have no fear.  So funny.  

This picture plays tricks on your eyes.  Steph look like she is on the side of a cliff in one half and Caleb is walking in a completely different picture. 

Look at the form!

So I watched this guy to a Tarzan trick on the rock with the rope, and I thought "I can." 
Don't forget the "t" in "CAN'T"

Here my husband made it look so easy.
Obviously his coaching wasn't helping me. He was keeping all the tricks to himself. 
Hopefully, you haven't read all the way to the bottom, because what you will find here is a not very good picture.  I was being defiant and didn't put on mascara.  Sure showed them.  
Also, please note that really red spot on Derek's forehead.  If you look at my previous blog you'll see Derek's Birthday Cake, and here you see the same cake again.  I was pulling out the stuff to make the Beloved Pudding Whip Cream Topping, I asked Derek a question about it and he said 
"But I don't want you to make the topping, I want my mom to make it."  
Hence, he went in a headlock and apparently I rubbed his head into the carpet a 
little harder than I anticipated.  
So after Carol made the topping, they sang Happy Birthday to us.  
It was a short but very fun weekend. Loved it. 


  1. hahahaha. harm...the cake topping looks A LOT different than yours...

  2. It was a fun weekend! We'll have to go back when it's warmer.

  3. you are hilarious!! i LOVE reading your witty remarks :)

  4. Love it! You are so witty and your posts crack me up! You guys take the coolest vacations too! Love all the pictures! Oh yeah, let's hang out soon!